Class Descriptions by Instructor

Mark and Jennifer

Shape Shifting

All levels

This class is designed for dancers of any experience level. We’ll explore the fun of linear and rounded movements, teaching you how to transition smoothly and add some flair to your steps. This class will offer a blend of fun and learning to give your Lindy a fresh spin!

Welcome to Lindydome


This is all about honing your floorcraft and navigation skills. You’ll learn techniques for avoiding collisions and how to glide seamlessly through the crowd, no matter how packed the dance floor is. Recommended for dancers who are already comfortable with basic 6 and 8 count movements.

Go with the Flow


We’ll focus on the art of continuous motion, and refining how one movement can naturally fuel the next, creating a seamless flow of energy throughout your dance.

Cat and Adolfo

Dips and Tricks:

All levels, you do not need a partner

Let’s get fancy, but in a fun kinda safe way! We will be teaching you easy but flashy tricks to add into your dancing. Plus, if you’ve ever been stuck on how to end a dance or hit a break with a nice dip, we will be teaching a few of those as well. 

No partner necessary, we will rotate. But if you feel comfortable staying with a partner you came with, there is no obligation to rotate.

Vintage Clips:

Intermediate and up

We geek out on the history of all things Swing. So this class will be focused on popular moves from movies, such as “Day at the Races” featuring Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers.

Teaching you how to incorporate them socially but also for choreographed pieces.

Must be comfortable with tuck turns, swing outs, and side by side Charleston

1950s Jive/Rock n’ Roll:

All levels

After the Lindy Hop era began tapering off, Rock and Roll music swept the world in the 1950s.

Jive (not ballroom Jive) is an energetic dance tied to the roots of Rockabilly music and the Rockabilly scene.

Come learn this dance that is within the street swing dance family.

No experience necessary.

Laura and Paul

The Honest Truth


Learning to dance with individuality, boldness and dancing your dance.

Triple Step GPT


Allowing your triple steps to do the work for you.

West Coast Best Coast


Stealing moves, ideas, and body rolls from West Coast Swing.

Bandi and Silke

The Extra Spin 


This class will focus on how to change some typical six count moves into 8 count moves, using spins.  

The Wrong Foot 

Intermediate – Intermediate Advanced

This class will explore how to deal with being on the wrong foot, on the one, and situations that might put you there.  

Nick and Karen

All Levels

Can I Kick It?

Yes you can. Charleston

Social Dancetortion

Intermediate/ Advanced

A class of tips and techniques for expressing your voice & engaging your ears while social dancing. Sigh. Real class descriptions are boring.

Rhythm Nation


Dancers of the world unite, swing in numbers, we can get it right (sing it up!) We are part of a rhythm nation.

Jonathan Lindsey

Beg, Borrow, and Steal


Through the lens of classic and contemporary, partner and solo jazz movement, this class will explore of the discovery, piracy, and use of pockets of musical timing and space to spice up your dancing.

Balancing on the edge

All Levels

In this solo roots jazz class we will dive off the edge into territories barely balanced and filled with fun. Through a routine choreographed specifically for this class, we will explore solo roots jazz, how to push ourselves to the limit, and how to create off balance movement that can be incorporated into our partner dancing.